Kaâk Wejdi (Oujda ou Wajda) / Moroccan Sunny-Shaped Cookies with Anise, Fennel and Sesame Seeds /Brioches d'Oujda ou Biscuits Marocain sous Forme de Soleil à Base de Graines de Fenouil, d'Anis et de Sésame par Mamatkamal

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Kaâk Wejdi (Oujda ou Wajda) / Moroccan Sunny-Shaped Cookies with Anise, Fennel and Sesame Seeds /Brioches d'Oujda ou Biscuits Marocain sous Forme de Soleil à Base de Graines de Fenouil, d'Anis et de Sésame par Mamatkamal

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Moroccans are well known for the delicate and complex aromas and flavours in their pastries which come in a variety of textures and sweetness levels - Corne de GazelleGhribaFakkasBriwat, MhanchaChebakiaDifferent Almond SweetsMeskoutaSellou, Mazgan, etc...., but these Kaâks, with their different varieties all over the Kingdom, have been perhaps overlooked, and they are rarely mentioned as the highlight of Moroccan baking or published in a cook book or even in a food blog.  I' m afraid they are fading into obscurity!

The term Kaâk is pronouced as [K U 3 K], the number "3" stands for the Arabic letter "ع" , this is why the second "â" in the word [Kaâk] has got an "accent circonflexe ou accent chapeau".  Originally Kaâk was made as a long-shelf-life food or snack, carried by several camel travellers, along with dates, dried figs, roasted chickpeas and almonds. Today, Kaâk is simply a delicious "Dwaz Atay", and a popular accompaniment to fresh mint tea!  You say "Kaâk" or "Fekkas", We say "Mgarml" [M G U R M L], which means CRUNCHY! In fact Moroccans use the term "Kaâk or Fekkas" to refer to any type of crunchy cookie. Kaâks are mostly round Shaped Bracelet except for "K3ik3at" = كعيكعات .  There are different types of Kaâk and strangely enough they are named after few cities :

1-Kaâk Wejdi (City Oujda = كَعْكْ وْجْدِي ): These are also called "Sunny-Shaped Biscuits or "Brioche d'Oujda" and this is the version I'm posting today.  The recipe as you can notice include both yeast and baking powder as "Shebakia Halwa", whereas the other Moroccan Kaâk version do not.

2-Kaâk D'Essaouira or Swiri (City d'Essaouira = كَعْكْ صْوِيرِي ): This is an egg free version and it includes less seeds. This Kaâk has got some diagonal scores, and it is very popular throughout the Kingdom.  Some say it's the best! My mother once told me that this Kaâk's recipe is originally from the Moroccan Jews.

3-Kaâk Rbatti (City Rabat =  كَعْكْ رْباطِي ): Believe me, these Kaâks make a lot of people happy!  They are the most attractive and the most expensive version of all Kaâks.  They are stuffed with a delicate home-made almond paste before being shaped into circle, then they are beautifully and skilfully decorated.  When served, they add an incredible touch of sophistication to your table.  These are most enjoyable to me!

4-Kaâk Massfiwi or Sfiwi (City of Safi = كَعْكْ سْفِوي ):  It has some similarities to the Kaâk Swiri, except that this version requires a special machine to make the circle shape along with some special patterns on top.  Some prefer to use simply a knife or fork to score this Kaâk. They are sold by street vendors everywhere and you can also find them in big markets or Souks.

5-K3ik3at = كعيكعات or Krichlat [9richlat] d'Achoura (قْريشْلاتْ عاشوراء ) : This term is a diminutive word of "Kaâk" to express the small size of this version.  These are special Kaâks, made to give to family, relatives and friends on the day of "3achoura" (Ashura or Achoura = عاشوراء), along with dates,dried figs, almonds and roasted chickpeas.

These Kaâks are also commonly found in different countries as Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Somalia, Yemen, Turkey etc... The term "Kaâk" can refer, in these countries, either to a type of bread or brioche or crunchy cookie, or soft stuffed cookies, etc...  The shape can be either round, square, oval, or otherwise.

Enjoy this Kaâk Wejdi with Moroccan tea, watching a video of Reggada Folklore, which is a traditional dance, very popular in Oujda City and several neighbouring regions!

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Hey! soyez sympa, je viens de m'inscrire!

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